Changelog #19

Whats new?
-Couple of minor mapbugs fixed.
-Oasis tomb Rahemos level doors are fixed
-Bright sword quest map issues fixed
-Pet Golden set is added to Rorina 5 ( you can repeat the quest to obtain the set )
-Pet Cursed set is added to Rorina 6 ( you can repeat the quest to obtain the set )
-2 Mailboxes has been added at Nivalis hunting spawns
-1 Mailbox has been added at Carlin Black Knight spawn
-Angel ring 20 speed -> 4 magic levels, infinite mana shield
-Hunter Auraorb protections fixed
-Green auraorb - healing power +5% -> Healing Power +50 static
-Ice auraorb - healing power +20% -> Healing Power +300 static
-Poison dragon - healing power +10% -> Healing power +100 static
-Godly earrings changed to Healing Power +200 static
-Frozen Wand 25 mana points cost -> 15 mana points cost
-Frozen Axe 60 atk -> 58 atk, +6 axe 
-Frozen Blade 58 atk -> 55 atk +5 shielding / sword 
-Frozen Club 58 atk -> 55 atk +5 mag leve / +20% mp
*Location of golden key 2807 has been changed

21 Jun 2019
Global Save Hours !

In couple next days there will be 2 global saves daily instead of one.
First SS without changes at 12:00 CEST,
Second SS at 22:00 CEST
Also we have implemented limit in every container up to 5000 items per container(backpack, chest, box, bag etc.).

18 Jun 2019
Changelog #18

Whats new?

-Retargeting interval for most of monsters has been reworked.
Most of monsters won't change the target that often anymore.
-Ammunition prices changes:
*Iron bolt - 350 gp -> 250 gp
*Diamond Arrow 100 gp -> 60 gp
*Frozen Arrow 175 gp -> 110 gp
*Demonic Arrow 250 gp -> 170 gp
-Demonic / Toxic dragons damage is nerfed by arround 40%

14 Jun 2019
Changelog #17

Rebalancing of Nivalis:
Monsters - overall damage is nerfed by arround 40%, also the experience of certain monsters is increased.
*Frost Serpent 22k exp -> 28k exp
*Grown Frost Serpent 24k exp -> 34k exp
*Frost Hound 27k exp -> 35k exp
*Rabid Frost Hound 30k exp -> 38k exp
*Snow Wasp 35k hp -> 27k hp, 31k exp -> 36k exp
-Traveling to Diamond Island is possible now from Thais / Carlin / Venore boats.
-Players who finished Ice Crystal quest can travel directly to Nivalis from Thais boat.
-NPC Enroub.N at Nivalis boat will sail also to Thais

12 Jun 2019
Nivalis Update ! 14:30 CEST

Map changes :
1) Nivalis has been added, rumours say the boat from Diamond Island has been repaired.
2) Snake-tomb in Ankrahmun completly revamped.
3) A ton of minor mapbugs fixed.

Client changes : 
1)Loot channel available even at solo hunting
2)Pet window is customizable
3)You can ignore yourself
4)Messages limit history at all channels has been increased from 100 to 1000
5)4 New Paperdoll outfits are added

Pets changes : 
1)Pets support spells won't cause cooldown for attack spells ( Divine Diversion, Divine Heal ) 
2)Flash Freeze Ice Dragon spell has been reworked
3)Pets damage at PVP is reduced by 70%

Gameplay changes/fixes : 
1)Special notification with effect + colour at every dead monster which dropped pet items
2)LMS / MTB events issue with removing redskull is fixed
3)In some cases, when someone bought character you was bidding, point's didnt went back to your account - fixed.
4)Stacking magic power attribute while wearing Dark Dragon for example at hands / arrow slots - fixed.
5)Monster points - added group of monsters, for example Inquisitors - all kind of Inquisitors will count for Inquisitors monster points
6)Coal Basins are not moveable by monsters anymore
7)Pet evolution stone is added to Daenerys Targaryen NPC

08 Jun 2019
Game Of Egg Event #2

The weekly Diamond Island event this time will be special and unique ! 
Event time - 22:00 CEST 
During today Diamond Island Event, everyone who will survive to the end, except the main reward of silver tokens, will obtain also Dragon Egg and Aura Orb ! 
More info about Diamond Island Event can be found here

Required level 50+ 
MC is not allowed during the event, if anyone will be catched up mcing it will result in main account banishment.


02 Jun 2019